Here at Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center we strive to provide every patient with the best mental health services available anywhere. Our friendly team works hard to make sure that all of our patients are seen in timely manner, all in a warm and caring environment.

Here is what some of our patients have said about the care they have received.

The staff are all wonderful & pleasant to me and my children no matter how busy or stressed their day is. The Dr. is genuinely concerned about your worries, health, well-being & does everything he can to help. The therapists are totally involved, interested & caring. They listen, they hear you & they respond w/positive &/or necessary feedback. We don’t feel as though we are going to an apt. related to mental health. We all feel comfortable when we go to “visit”. ~Jamie~
I love how my provider takes the time to listen to me as a person, and take my feelings into consideration, and makes everything personal. 🙂 Thank you, Jessica! ~Anonymous~
Could not ask for a better PA. She listens well to any med. problems and adjusts when necessary. Jessica is great w/my daughter who loves to come here. My experiences are always wonderful. The staff is great and tries to handle all situations as quickly as possible. ~Hope~
This place is Miracle working. Marie B and DeMarvis are amazing and a God-send. ~Brandy~
Dr. Mikhail has literally given me a reason to live. I’ve been clinically depressed with anxiety since I was 15. I’m now 56. I got relief in my 56th year due to Dr. Mikhail! I would advise anyone to come see him and stick with him for the long-term. ~Anonymous~
Dr. Mikhail is an angel to me. I have been his patient for 4 years, he promised me he would make me feel better & enjoy my life & he fulfilled his promise. Thank you Doc! ~Elizabeth~
Dr. Mikhail and his staff are great people to have as your providers. They’re very caring and kind, every visit is always pleasant. Thank you all for your care! ~Christine~
The folks at CCNC have been wonderful! From the check-in people, the Doc’s who care for me, to the nurses and appointment scheduling folks. I have only been treated with professionalism and compassion, since 1st becoming a patient of Dr. Mikhail’s close to 5 years ago. There is not a topic of concern that cannot be addressed, and there is never a “stupid question”. The people here at CCNC have been an integral part of helping me get back in control of my life. ~Julie~
I love this center. The staff is very friendly and the doctors offer everything I need for my care. I have referred a few family members to this center. ~Stephanie~
I like CCNC very much. Everyone makes me feel at ease and comfortable. I love that I don’t have to wait long and appointments are easy to make and available in a timely manner. The staff is courteous and friendly. Thanks CCNC! ~Leslie~
My experience here for the past 2 years has been very good. From the time you enter the building the staff are so nice and professional. The waiting room is simply beautiful. Even though I have never had to wait more than 15 min in the waiting room, the display of flowers and waterfall is simply calming within itself. Dr. Mikhail listens to what I have to say and takes all aspects into consideration and answers any questions I may have. Susan Rutherford has made a permanent footprint in my heart and she is missed greatly. This environment is inviting to its patients. I feel without treatment from all staff, my life would not have changed for the better. ~Anonymous~ (Note: Susan has moved to our Morehead City Office, and taken on some administrative duties there.)
I have been under the care of Dr. Mikhail for 4-1/2 years and would highly recommend him and his caring staff to others. He has also treated my 8-year old son since he was 3, and without his loving care and expertise, our home would still be in turmoil. ~Anonymous~
Dr. Mikhail is one of the best providers I have ever seen. He is caring, sympathetic and professional. Treats you as a person and not just the illness. I would recommend him to anyone I know. ~Anonymous~
We have been amazed at the care and compassion our daughter has received from the staff at CCNC. “Jessica Harding” listens to our complaints and treats our daughter with respect and compassion and has helped not only our daughter but our entire family!! We would be lost without CCNC. ~Kelly~
We have been seen at CCNC for the past 8 years. We have witnessed the transition from the old building to the new. Staff is always very friendly and competent. Appointments are scheduled and kept on time for the most part. There have only been a few times that we have ever had to wait past our scheduled appointment. Office and building are maintained and very clean. Kudos and thanks to the staff. ~Anonymous MB~ (Note: While CCNC opened its doors 2006, Dr. Mikhail formerly practiced at another facility, and many patients moved with him to his new practice.)
Marie Belanger has been a great person in my daughter’s care. My daughter Sara always says she is a nice person. It’s always positive when we see her and a pleasure. Thank you sooo much for the great personal on hand for my daughter. ~Patrick~
Marie is great; she listens to what we need and say when it comes to our children when the medicine does need to be changed or we have a problem. Marie helps us to talk to our children when we need them to understand what the consequences are with their mistakes. ~Christie~
My wait time is usually short. Everyone is super nice and attentive. My overall experience is wonderful every time I go. ~Sierra~
I really appreciate the friendliness and professionalism that the staff of CCNC has always shown me. Doctors that really take the time to listen and get to know you, and therapists that genuinely care and know how to ask the questions that help me to know and understand myself better. ~Tami~
I am a mother of a bi-polar 11-year old son and I’ve been dealing with this since he was 4 years old. We have been to many drs. & these drs here at this office have been the best we’ve EVER seen. They not only help you with whatever’s going on, but they also care abt you & your family. Also, the other staff are very nice & caring. I would tell anyone that if they want nice caring & VERY GOOD DRS & STAFF then they need to come here. I give thanks every day for the people here that has helped my son. Thank ALL of ya’ll very much. ~Melissa~
I have truly enjoyed the time Dr. Mikhail has given me. He doesn’t hold things back to let me know things, but most of all he listens. The staff are very friendly when checking in and escorting you to a room. This is the only place that I have been that people listen to you!! ~Anonymous~
Marie is my nurse practitioner. She is always so kind and caring. I have been seeing her for about a year now and have no complaints at all. ~Bobbie~
Marie has always been there for me. And the staff. She is great. She helps me anytime. ~Anonymous~
[Marie] She is very warm-hearted and kind. Always a smile on her face when she greets me. ~Anonymous~
[Marie] very nice, pleasant, seems to be concerned and helpful. Want to make sure all meds are up-to-date. ~Robert~
Office hours are great for our family before and after school and work. Appointments are available within days of the request. Dr. Mikhail and Dr. Lillquist are friendly, thorough, and quick. ~Anonymous~